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Beyond Conspiracy ~ 2009
Story, Screenplay and Direction – Ugezu J Ugezu

Ini Edo – Manari
Van Vicker – Michael
Amaechi Muonagor – King Nzeribe
Tonto Dikeh – Ugo
Ifeanyi Ikechukwu – Nwebe
Joyce Kalu – Okwuoma
Walta Anga – Baron
Collette Nkem Orji – Ngozi
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Okeke
Browny Igboegwu – Kingsley
Evelyn Esin – Sandra
Ugezu J Ugezu –Ozomma
Denis Osadebe – McCarthy
Okwudili Oguegbu

Social Class and Status

My Rating 22%

The movie tells a story about a Prince Michael who is due to be married to a girl from a rich family that his parents have picked for him but in actuality wants to marry his own choice who is a girl from a poor home. I can tell straight way that the movie is going to be boring. It starts off that way and continues that way. It is an uninspiring unoriginal below mediocre story about a prince and a pauper *YAWN* Similar to Palace Maid but even more drab. There is nothing new in this movie and nothing to evoke any sort of reaction but yawning.


The story is badly executed and a lot of the dialogue is unrealistic. In one scene we see Ugo played by Tonto begging the Prince played by Van to leave Manari his pauper girlfriend. The speech that she delivers to him is over the top and unbelievable. She tells him, “imagine us ruling the world together,” in a bid to convince him to get with her. For a pretty, rich girl it all seems so unnecessarily desperate, especially considering that she seems to barely knows him and we don’t see how their relationship has developed before this scene.

In another scene we see Prince Michael confront Ugo’s friend Ngozi to tell her to warn Ugo to steer clear of him as he is “engaged to another.”  This scene doesn’t even make sense as he issues this warning just after he has dumped Ugo because he thinks that she accepted money from the palace to stay away from him. Why would he even be in the frame of mind to at that time to talk about being engaged to Ugo whom he believes has just committed the biggest betrayal ever?

I said that after her performance in Street President that I wanted to see Collette Nkem Orji again but this was not the vehicle that that was going to allow her star to shine so let me not bother commenting on her performance and hope that next time I see her in something better.


Ugezu! Ugezu! Ugezu! OGA I do not know what is happening with you. I have not seen anything good from you since Millennium Lady and Strength to Strength. These were delightful way above average movies that I recommended highly and since then I have seen nothing but a slew of garbage unoriginal “royal” stories. Please pick the projects you choose to work on more carefully. I still have faith that you can make a comeback with works worth raving about. Let 2010 be a much better one.


I would not recommend this movie. The sound was echoey on and off throughout the movie. It is the kind of movie that is so uneventful; you will watch and forget what happened in about a week. I stopped half way through part 2. It seemed pointless as it was so predictable and quite a chore to watch.



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