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Tonto in a sex movie mess

On Friday, November 5th, 2010

Nollywood star, Tonto Dike, is currently embroiled in a war of words with her fans for acting in a soft porn movie called Dirty Secret, P.M.NEWS can reveal.
In the movie produced by Sanga Entertainment, the Nollywood actress and a lover kiss and wag tongues in a slow pace as the actress goes semi-nude, exposing private parts to the extent never seen before in any Nigerian movie.
Another Nigerian actor, Muna Obiekwe also starred in the movie, also portraying nude scenes.
The repeated explicit and lewd scenes in the movie have resulted in vitriolic attacks on the internet against the 25-year old actress who grew up without a mother in a family of nine children.
The enraged fans, mostly Ghanaians, are wondering why the light skinned pretty actress could not draw the line between ‘professionalism and pornography’.
“Where do we draw the line between professionalism and just plain prostitution?” one fan asks.
“How else do you guys want our movie industry to improve? Americans do it and they are better than Africa on all grounds. This is one step forward,” one fan comes to Tonto’s defence.
“Let’s not seem like we are encouraging this. There are better ways to make the industry grow. Where have we thrown our sense of decency?” another fan queries.
“This is disgraceful,” says Rakaya, another fan. “Nigerians are beginning to do the porn thing now. This is worse than Ghana movies,” another fan lashes out.
“Thank God Genevieve and Omotola did not feature in this, I would have dropped Nollywood right away,” another disappointed fan says.
The negative internet posts, however, seem to have little effect on the actress who always wanted to be like American stars, such as Julia Robert or Sharon Stone, the woman who posed nude for Playboy magazine and acted in Basic Instinct, a highly controversial lewd movie in the 1990s.
On her twitter page she called her critics ‘pretenders’: “Why would we enjoy seeing nudity in Hollywood? It’s a f..cking profession peeps, grow up. I am all out with my job and you hard if you find otherwise. Rubbish f..cking pretenders. I hate fake damn tradition. I have got a mind and heart my profession requires.”
Born on 9 June 1985, Nigerian-born Tonto Dike is one of the most beautiful faces in Nollywood. With an increasing profile of Nollywood movies to her credit, she has gradually acquired a large fan base among Nollywood movie fans both in Africa and in other parts of the world such as the United States, where these movies are beginning to gain a lot of popularity.
Growing up without her mother, Tonto was confined to the parental care of just her father and stepmother in a large family of nine, including both parents and seven siblings.
Tonto is a graduate of petrochemical engineering from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, RSUST, South South Nigeria. Tonto’s big break came in 2006 through a Nigerian reality TV show, TheNextMovie Star, where she emerged the first runner-up, exposing her to the big world of Nigerian movie entertainment.
Very little is known about the movie titled ‘Dirty Secrets’, as the producers have only released snippets of it in the trailer being spread around on “youtube.”
One Ghanaian commentator said online, “that it will be a shame if the movie sees the light of day.”

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  1. Henry ojini says:

    Nollywood movies are begining to turn to something else.

  2. lady usa says:

    iou very nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cindy says:

    F**k you @ the top poster!

  4. Brenda says:

    She is becoming a disgrace to nollywood actress. Abeg Tonto let dis be the last time u will do something like this.

  5. Ebenezer says:

    Nigerian Movies have lost their glory via this porn thing they act now. She is only trying to do what her master the devil told her to do. This is shameful.

  6. Ebenezer says:

    Nigerian Movies have lost their glory via this pornography they act now. She is only trying to do what her master the devil told her to do. This is shameful.

  7. ije love says:

    let her be.tonto is one person i love and respect so much in nigeria movie if u can stand her go to hell. nigerias have very big problem,fist it was u k now is tonto, besy body people,cant you people shut ur dirty mouth.

  8. nicky says:

    i have for years enjoyed watching nigerian movies with the kids, saddly i can’t do that any more cos of the insane sex/semi nude acting. that is not part of our culture. you can say forget culture, but that is what makes us special. alright you want to copy american culture, then do it right not the nastiness you put on screens and call movies. for ghanaian critics, well check your movies, you know the saying of removing the log in your own eyes b/4 you can see what is another man’s eyes.

  9. Elizabeth Ndubisi says:

    I do not think all the nasty name calling is going to save the day. The milk is already spilt, the issue is from now onwards, where do we go as a Nation that loves our Nigerian movies? To Tonto, I have this to say, there is nothing wrong in your wanting to express yourself in the manner shown in those movies, but the problem is that you are using the wrong cultural context to do so. If you want to act like Hollywood stars, try to get to Hollywood and join them. Nigerian movies did not get to its height by copying Hollywood or Bollywood. African movies means portraying African values and any porn in whatever intensity, be it soft or hard porn has no place in the African movie industry. You may relish what you have done today but no African girl should risk her virtue for the sake of artistic expression. I hope this has been an eye opener for everyone, producers, directors, artists and the general public – let us go back to what made us famous, pure unadulterated African depictions and improve from there, not degenerate from there. Tonto and Muna, your acting has brought about an avalanche of hateful words between peoples of Nigeria and Ghana, I do not think you have contributed in any positive way to the ongoing turbulent and simmering tension. A word is enough for the wise!! To my fellow commentators, let us temper our anger with wise counselling.

  10. Tinnah says:

    I’m with Ije love on this one!

  11. FiFi says:

    what is wrong with this movies, comon people seriously what is wrong with this movies?..i ask?…..come to think of this, in the movie there are men in there…who according to the trailler were also semi nude….why making noise about Tonto alone?…Guys let her be…if you like neva buy the movie!!..get a life!!….

  12. Well, i looked at this not her fault but she did this under the influence of something else(DRUGS) and she is big fool not qualified to be an actress,come to the real sence,she is a graduate of Petrolchemical engineering in i doubt therefore not her profession,she has been a fool time prostitute before assigning her to act her part of wawordness and (AHAWORISM)……THIS MUST ALSO BE PUBLSHED OUT BY THE BOLD MAGAZINE, ITALY…..Thank God my fans of the Nollywood are not part of this mess

  13. Engr priest says:

    Its very bad for a gorgeous girl like you acting stupid movie.that very bad of you.the bible make us to understand that our body is the temple of the lord.i love you so much especially the way you act.give your life to christ

  14. Reality says:

    That girl is a shame to publicity and i don’t think any eligible young man will seek for her hand in marriage,she is nothing less than a full aisha….Wo tonto ndoo…Sorryoo now you migrated from an hammress to a full time prostitute, others take note

  15. han says:

    is it b’cos of money that u stoop soo low
    nooo this is very bad

  16. han says:

    did u accept this part b’cos of money or is something u enjoy doing “being used up in movies like this”
    nooo girl u lost the competition u noo longer among the stars

  17. han says:


  18. Mary Thomas says:

    What everyone seems to be overlooking here is that this is a freaking MOVIE. I am an american. African people need to grow with the world. We all have our cultures and beliefs but the young lady was doing a JOB. How many in this world, not just Africa, can say they have a job? PEOPLE, THIS IS JUST A MOVIE. This is why they are called ACTORS!!!!! Stop ragging on Tonto, whose movies I happen to enjoy very much, but movies are just for entertainment. If you don’t like the storyline, don’t hate TONTO or anyone else who chose to do them. Nollywood& Ghollywood, just as Hollywood is growing and it is the nature of that industry. I am sure that individually, behind your own doors or someone else’s, you all are doing worst than that and isn’t giving a thought to your cultural beliefs. IT’S A MOVIE PEOPLE!!!! I can’t wait to add it to my collection.

  19. Camsy says:

    Tonto pls repent i knw it’s a movie but u can act decent part okay dear!

  20. Emelda says:

    Its a taboo in igbo land to be naked in public nd u’ve really disappointed most of fans by displaying such a disgracefull act in public,where is your sence of decency.

  21. brooklyn babes says:

    Ok…. i was expecting to see a sex tape, not a fuc**** movie trailer. Welcome to Hollywood,”they are actors and actresses”, grow the fu** niggas…………

  22. Anthony Abuchi says:

    Wel,Tonto actually what u did was not bad,i knew most people that are posting this are more worst than u are.But gal what am trying 2 tel u is that everybody knows his/her level and also knew what is going to please his/her fans,even if u want 2 do dis do it in such a way dat no one wil know n tell dem 2 know how dey broadcast anytin u’re doing cos u’re cos u’re not d only actress in movie ind.and a gal like u ought to hav secrets…

  23. tina says:

    unbelieveable speechless may God save her and the other actors this is bascially cheap popularity that ends no were.

  24. maryam said says:

    Tonto it’s ur life,so u live it d way u want it.

  25. blessing says:

    I think u people need to get a life,and stop calling her names!!! and u guys no is just a movie right? that they dnot really having sex and u guys r acting as if she killed someone,is a movie get over it.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Ok maybe i am blind because I don’t see where Tonto is nude on the trailer unless u guys have seen the whole movie…+ I see men kissing and Muna wearing thug (worst) than Tonto, he should the topic here not Tonto…this makes no sense 

  27. Maggie K says:

    Please, this is shocking coming from Nigerian Movies, I have never seen something like this. I thought this movies are godly, what a shame

  28. glory says:

    what kind of a person is that

  29. Cynthis says:

    Nawoooooo first in history to see such a stupid act for Nigeria Hollywood.Tonto is very disgrace to Nigeria movie industry,How much are they paying her for that stupid what ever.Remember that,they are many actresses in that Hollywood before you,they acting is good and okay.
    Your disgracing yourself and sailing your self one naria in the name of film.
    Remember that an Igbo proverb has it that,A dog whose death is at hand does not perceive the steche of feeces and remember that is how your make your bad ,you will lying on it and what ever seed you sow that you will reap.Please stop exposing your body because your body is a Temple of Holy Spirit because one day ,you most surely give God account of it.How does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loses his soul.Please act what praises God and not human.Vanity upon vanity all is vanity.

  30. tonto u are not serious about what u are doing pls stop this my frnd

  31. Ken says:

    F**k u guyz,are u people holier than she is?

  32. merissa says:

    TONTO u r the best among the rest.You FOOLS continue with ur stupidity bt leave TONTO alone 4 me ooo.She is an ACTRESS!Get that into ur thick brains.

  33. ALMAN MAC-CLETUS says:


  34. Zuma isaac says:

    She is a disgrace to ibo,naija/nolly specie, she has her dignity 4 life.. Idiot!!!!fool!!

  35. Shaibu Jibril Dabre says:

    tonto is one actress i admire a lot,especially when she stars with our own van vicker. i havnt watched the said movie she is being ‘crucified’ for, but if what im hearing is anything to go by then i would advice her to let it be the last. i rest my case.

  36. Abdul rahman ramat says:

    You people of Ghana n Nigeria should let the bygones be bygone and let think of ways of improving our movie industries.

  37. Gift says:

    Make GOD PUNISH ALL OF OWNER, OWNER want tell me say owner nor do pass so

  38. arlene says:

    tonto i have no problem with your acting with or without clothes people need to stop throwing stones an cover their own houses i love you trinidad

  39. Davidchisom says:

    Get repented nollywood as for u tonto u disappointed me

  40. Victor says:

    Baby keep it up make we big up

  41. sanctity says:

    Sam loco Efe may your soul rest in peace amen adiue loco

  42. afuye says:

    Pls leave d girl alone. If u dnt lyk It, dnt watch it. Nigerians ar d greatest hypocrites I knw. U act lyk u dnt fuck ur galfrnds yet in d closet u hide and watch porn and glory in it. Its tym u come to terms with what u rly are. Idiots. Tonto, if u want to do hardcore porn sef, do. We’l stil watch u. After all we stil watch kardashian, madison, e.t.c.

  43. sisco says:

    tonto how could u do such,maybe u never heard of aids nd dat it is real u knw wht u are just cheap like de word cheap may god have mercy on u

  44. Brandy Abi says:

    People need tonstay leaving nasty comments, they are actors, they are only doing what they get paid to do. Not a fan of Tonto Dikeh’s but her acting is quite okay

    ..Saw the movie lastnight, of course its very dramatic, but I quite enjoyed watching it..

  45. Brandy Abi says:

    stop being nasty people.. dont like? then look away.. gosh, cant stand hypocrites.. jezzzz

  46. James says:

    It is an act so grow up people. Nigerian always climb their high horse with their holier than thow attitude yet they are the ones that commit the most atrocitie.

  47. jojo says:

    tonto if u wonna go blue film with me,am ready to xpose me cuz of u

  48. Tochi tochi says:

    Frm d day i set my eyes on tonto. I knw she’s a street prostitude hu kam 2dudge herself or or display her prostitution in nollywood. Watch men in luv nd odas.

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