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‘Why I Fought Patience Ozokwor’ – Mercy Johnson

On Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Actress Mercy Johnson who was reportedly in a showdown with her older colleague, Patience Ozokwor on location in Asaba few weeks back, has blamed her uncontrollable outburst on Ozokwor’s repeated utterances referring to her as an ‘ashawo’- a hoochie.

In a telephone interview, Mercy recounted her side of the story. She noted that Patience Ozokwor was given a revealing clothe to wear on that location, apparently to depict a character in the movie that was in the making and Patience allegedly refused the outfit, stating that she is not Mercy Johnson, not an ‘ashawo’.

“I’m not a prostitute. I don’t like the name. I told her I didn’t like it”. According to her, the faceoff was escalated when Mama Gee refused to stop calling her by unpleasant name.

By last week, there were unconfirmed reports that the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) might take a disciplinary action against Mercy Johnson and Patience Ozokwor but when we contacted the AGN president, Segun Arinze via SMS, he simply stated that the issue has been sorted out in-house.

The text message read “Hello sir, I just want to know if the AGN is taking any disciplinary action against Mercy Johnson and Patience Ozokwor”.

“No it’s sorted out. Thanks”, he replied. Arinze would not comment further.

Arinze, sources said, has instructed both parties not to make any further comments on the matter.

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  1. Don Petemo says:

    Because respect has gone 4ever within Nigeria society,never mind the amount of the provocation,Mercy Johnson would have not fight Patience Ozokwor.But Johnson would have reported Mama G to their management for a compansation from Mama G.Mercy Johnson is young enough to be Patience Ozokwor’s daughter,therefore fighting Mama G.shows lack of home training and disrespect of the elders by Mercy Johnson.

  2. Utube udoh says:

    Marcy johnson pls change ur dressin, nd reconsin wit mama G.

  3. Favour says:

    Mercy u no try atall.fine mama G was wrong but u would ave given her dat i tink u should appogise

  4. Joy says:

    Mercy pls cut dwn on ur naked to avd public embarrassment 4rm anyone nd mama pls take mercy as ur daugta instd of abuse cal her in order

  5. Nk anyanwu says:

    Mercy pls cut dwn on ur naked to avd public embarrassment 4rm anyone nd mama pls take mercy as ur daugta instd of abusing her, cal her in order wen she is doing wrong

  6. Angel flemes says:

    It hurts to be called names and mama g as she is also an actress she must understand not call pole names she has acted as a witch who call her a witch it’s not fair she is taking advantage of her age ,she must be a mother figure

  7. Theophilus says:

    Mercy figthing mama G is wrong! And too u should change ur dressing.

  8. Jenny says:

    Mercy J,inspite of d fact dat i luv u as a person n as my role model,i will still correct u wen u’re wrong.u shouldn’t hav gone fighin wit mama G though she’s egually faulty by callin u dat name at first but is still nt enough reason 2 fight her considering d age gap.pls i will lyk u both 2 burry d hatchet n be friends again.God bless u both Amen.cheers

  9. Idaraesit william says:

    Mercy pls is unfair for u to fight a person older enough to have u as a daughter and you (Mama Mama G) i’m surprice at’s not long u fought at the airport now again pls stop or should i say is old age attitude? Pls you both should let go and be friends again. Also pls rememba me in ur paradise

  10. ijeoma mercy says:

    Calling her names is very very wrong most importantly as a mother. And fighting her is uncalled for as a future mother. The deed had been done already and i therefore crave ur indulgence 2 bury ur hatchets

  11. Caro says:

    Mama G u supose to be a mother to her. By calin her 2 orda, than caln her name. It is nt d way of a moda at al. An mecy u shouldnt hv fougt her 4 any reason. Go and apologis 2 her. An mama shuld equaly apologis 2 u.

  12. Salamotu alih says:

    Mj hv u reconcile with mama g

  13. Obinna says:

    Up mama g bt stop calin ppl names pls biko

  14. dami says:

    just take it easy with patience but stop ur immoral dressing to avoid further embarrassment

  15. Diallo says:

    Mama g is wrong by calling her names ,as a mother i dnt aspect dat 4rm her, afta all nobi u holypass take it easy, M J.

  16. Friday says:

    Mercy j. U are wrong to have fought with patience no matter the provocation try & reconcile with mama g.

  17. solomon imoh says:

    call a spade a spade,every body have their life to live,even those that comment here are not saints,they have their bad side as well,so stop crucifying the young girl,has she done worst than you or even the mama gee,no body is perfect,don’t kill this girl career with venom utterances,mama g ,should learn to polish and groom young ones instead of pull down syndrome or words that could pose danger,if mercy has to be a monarch despite the age mama g will still bow down to worship mercy.commentators should learn to remove planks in their eyes before seeing dust in another person eyes. me me,if God is with you no one can be against you let them go and chew pepper or hug transformer.both parties offend each other but the root cause analysis could blame mama more than mercy,both should control their temper.

  18. CJ OZUOMBA says:

    is very unfair for mama G to call mercy by unpleasant names. age is not d case here but d fact of d matter or d issue lead to the action or reaction of mercy- even a child has the right to be angry/say no to oppression/insults,suppression etc. Mama G’s dressing is even more revealing, coupled with her age. however, both of them are amongst the stars i like/love in d nollywood. meanwhile kudos to d wise man- black arrow for the way he handled the issue.

  19. hypolite says:

    i will like you to contact me on my ID,, so i will tell you more about me.

  20. Abubakarr Jalloh says:

    I will like to know more about this issues.because its a suprise for me to hearing this kind incidents. between u guys. Is coming from Abubakarr aka from Sierra leone.

  21. I luv both Mama G nd Mercy J, it is a sad news to hear dis. Mama G shuld be blame in one way 4 caln her dougter a name, if sombdy cal her wit an offensive names she’ll nt b hapi, der4 I beg Mama G to hav a modaly heart; I’ll also blame Mercy J 4 raisin her hnd against MamaG it is an offence an a curse, if u ar a grandma nd a child raise her hnd 2 slap or fight u, hw’ll ur children feel? Mercy J pls apologies 2 Mama G 1st nd let Mama G also apologies 2 her dougter Mercy J 4 caln her names. Tnx

  22. Mercyluv! U shoud’nt av gone 2 d extent of fighting general mama,instead u should av reported her,at least,she is older than u,nd mumy g-u ar totally wrong in caling mercy such an unpleasant name instead of that, u should av cautioned her if her dressing is upseting u rather than calling her that Godforsaken name,me personally i don’t like it but al d same,huge thanks 2 my man blackarrow 4 implying so much wisdom,abeg make una settle.

  23. joan perry says:

    mama G, were wrong. u had to respect her like ur own daughter and talk to her with some kindness rather than calling her such names and more over in made no sense atall.

  24. Agba Linus says:

    Pls Mercy J. 4 me, I always talk abt ur dressing. Pls it’s too much 4 smbody lik u. Mama g hs 2 caution u n if she did n u tak nt d correction, she is rit calling u names

  25. Agba Linus says:

    Pls Mercy J. 4 me, I always talk abt ur dressing. Pls it’s too much 4 smbody lik u. Mama g hs 2 caution u n if she did n u tak nt d correction, she is rit calling u names. To be sure wit u, I don’t lik watcing ur movies

  26. g-capoo!! says:

    mecy j nd mama gee u both am ur fans but i can see bad thing nd keep it mecy j is not gud 4 u 2 fougth mama gee because she is old enough 2 be ur mother it is true dat she did bad by callin u such name she is a mother she surpose 2 call u in order wen ever u do wrong than callin u splostitude it pains nah but please mecy johnson apologies ok nd u mama gee please take a mother’s heart nd 4give her nd caution her wen she misbeahave but mama i dont expect dat from u

  27. To err is human and to forgive is Divine. These 2 actresses are fantastic and am not surprise that human tendencies bring a bit of jealousy. But dear both of you, remember that the value you are worth is divine and so when the devil brings in envy to help pull it down resist him and he will flee and you will accept and appreciate each other. Talent does not care about age. Every one at every age can be tempted and can fall. This is just human and makes our movie undustry really real and trully popular. Nformi William in Yaounde

  28. M.J’s dressing fit her. She is in show biz as her job and not a religious professional. She is not only very beautiful but knows what outfit brings out what pleases her. I know she attracts many more than they like and the tendency for possessive persons is to kill what they cannot get. Thank God she is not a hypocrit because am sure this not the first time she must have been challenged. I hope she will praise God for it and be demoralized. God loves true people not hypocrits. Let us preserve good stuff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. I am puting every necessary blame on mama gee because her uncontrolled awful and barbaric behaviour that cause the issue on ground. Mama it’s true that u are a mother but u didn’t take a mother’s role in this issue at all, u should have place mercy j on ur shoe by takin her as ur daughter,call her together give her some mothering advice and not to exhibit her name as a prostitute it is very very uncalled for, of which she have warned you as a mother to stop calling her by such name and u seem to resist the advice in other to tanish her image. General mama gee ur did is not in any way justifiable, ur age should not be in any way reason to such an insult to any body. If i were mercy i would make sure i trash u down by so saying, so mama gee u should go and apologize to mercy so as to become friendly again tnx.

  30. Mama g be of good behaviour 2 mercy johnson and mercy change your dressing

  31. banke olaoye says:

    i dnt fink mj shuld be angry snice she not 1

  32. Barbara says:

    U both are wrong bt u should learn to 4give

  33. Cathy says:

    it was too much for Mercy Johnson. why was she referred to as a “prostitute” in the first place? therefore, mama Gee is the one to gaurd her mouth otherwise she should retire from acting and let the young ones do whats supposed to be done. Mercy was right to fight back….elders should also respect the young.

  34. Why should Mama G or wat cal mercy J names, is she better than her. Mercy J is a young talented actress, she is just been a professional. Mama G the shameless woman that can never respect her age is simply jealous because of Mercy’s incresinly rise in fame. Mama G you are an old school leave mercy alone and stop calling her names.

  35. Maximu musa. says:

    Maxwel said’ in his book dat, de way u dress dertamine wat u shld be adress n it also dertamine wo u ar n wat u wil bcom in de nearest future. De only tynz i hate in mercy iz her erotic dressup which telz dat she iz a prostitude. Wen we luk cratically @ de bothside mama gee is wrng coz she aving remove de log of wood in her eyez so she is an hypocrite. She don’t av 2 called mercy a prostitude. And mercy learn hw 2 correct ur mistake. God shld help u az u go ahead 2 amend ur mistak.

  36. charles says:

    mama g is wrong callin her dat name; if she called u a ‘witch’ hw will u feel*apologise 2 her plsssss* @m done!

  37. Joezy says:

    I tink mama is wrong 4 advising her in de public intead of privetly, mercy shul jst let it go cos mama is rit.

  38. Becca says:

    Dis z rubbish! Mama G had nO right to insult her…she is an actresS n Must dresS acCording to her character in a mOvie. Mercy johnson is nt an ‘ashawo’…on the contrary i thnk shez decent, 4rm her appearance off set. Mama G, am dissapointd in u.

  39. LYNN says:


  40. Nora says:

    I was’nt dere to see tins myself at 4rm info i think both parties (mercy ad mama g) problem mit ave nt started that day bt mit ave ben lingering b4 we mst emulate christ ‘s way ,they shld nt only forgive bt also forget their mistakes ad fuge ahead

  41. Mr. P from the USA says:

    Both are very beautiful ladies, I love them both, Mercy was gifted with beautiful body, Mama G is not far from Mercy. Can you imagine when Mama G was Mercy’s age. She was a show stopper.

  42. lewis dehnue says:


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