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I Cant kiss in Movies Because of My Religion Ali Nuhu

On Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Ali Nuhu is kannywood hottest Actor,handsome and very talented,this dude who has been married for the last 8years spoke to bon on his life,career and marriage, enjoy it:

B.O.N: How did the journey into acting begin?

Ali Nuhu: I’ve had the passion since childhood but it started when I was in the University of Jos.

Ali Nuhu: I went for an audition in NTA Jos and got a minor role in a telecast drama titled “BASED ON THE TRUE STORY”.

B.O.N: What was your first movie?

Ali Nuhu: BASED ON THE TRUE STORY, that’s the title.

B.O.N: What did you study in UNIJOS?

Ali Nuhu: Bsc Geography.

B.O.N: So why Acting?

Ali Nuhu: Destiny I’ll say.

B.O.N: Did it not upset your parents?

Ali Nuhu: No, my mother most especially, was glad to know I wanted to be an actor. My father only said he wanted me to finish school.

B.O.N: What were the challenges you faced early in the industry?

Ali Nuhu: Securing roles to make me prove myself as an actor because I was only playing kid roles then.

B.O.N: So how did you overcome that?

Ali Nuhu: After my service year, I came back to Kano where am based and a friend by the name Rabiu Ibrahim who wanted to shoot a Hausa movie demand a script which I gave him.The Director Late Tijjani Ibrahim asked me to take the lead role which happens to be a dual role.
The movie was titled ABIN SIRRI NE (Its a secret).

B.O.N: What year?

Ali Nuhu: 1999

B.O.N: So like how many movies have you done?

Ali Nuhu: Like 150 Hausa movies and 50 English movies.

B.O.N: What is the difference between Hausa and English movies?

Ali Nuhu: First is the difference in language, then the cultural and religious differences.

B.O.N: As a professional what do you look for in a movie?

Ali Nuhu: The storyline and character I am playing have to be challenging.

B.O.N: Money is not a major factor to you?

Ali Nuhu: That’s the last thing I consider because at the level I am its creativity that is more important.

B.O.N: As a muslim,can you act romantic roles that require french-kissing?

Ali Nuhu: No I can’t because my religion is against it.

B.O.N: As a handsome, young successful actor,how do you handle women and success?

Ali Nuhu: That’s another angle which is not easy to handle. Being a married man some do understand and don’t go beyond the fan-actor relationship but some could be rude.

B.O.N: How long have you been married?

Ali Nuhu:I’ve been married for 8 years.

B.O.N: What does your wife do and how did you meet her?

Ali Nuhu: I met her in Kaduna when I was shooting a movie WASILA. The producer YAKUBU LERE happens to be her cousin. She is into the clothing business and always travels to Dubai.You know most Hausa women follow the Arabian and Indian trend of clothing.

B.O.N: Have you produced your own movie and do have any intention of producing?

Ali Nuhu: Yeah I run one of the most popular film production companies in the north called FKD Productions, with about 12 movies to its credit.

B.O.N: What do you think is the problem with Nollywood generally?

Ali Nuhu: Capacity building is what we need, because the format of movie making here is a straight lift of the soap operas that are being shot. We should learn and adopt actual film making techniques. And that can only be achieved trough capacity building. Government should come in by aiding young talented filmmakers who have formal training in filmmaking from Institutes like PEFTI Lagos, National Film Institute Jos etc.

B.O.N: As a muslim, allowed to marry more than one wife,will you take a second wife?

Ali Nuhu: Not really,I am very comfortable with my wife. We have a good rapport.

B.O.N: What is your advice for upcoming Actors?

Ali Nuhu: They should work hard and be in the profession for their passion for it.

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