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One of Nollywood’s biggest stars and heartthrobs is Hank Anuku. He is 43-year old , star of many blockbusters and one of the highest paid actors in Nigeria. It is either you like or hate him. But the bottom line still remains that he is an excellent actor.

Hank Anuku lives in Surelere in Lagos with his lovely wife and child. He loves cars and has array of sports cars and motor cycles.

Hank is the son of a former Nigerian cabinet minister. He started acting fifteen years ago and has lived and worked in Europe and the United States. He has also taken up singing and is currently working on his first album. Hank has long forgotten in how many movies he’s starred. It might be 60, or even 70, he says.

Filmography: The Senator, Accidental Discharge, African Child, Am In Love, Big Boss, Blood On Ice, Broad Daylight, Deadly Ransom, Dear Sister, Derico, Desperados, Desperate Ambition, Discord, Fast Cash, Final Game, Formidable Force, Last Decision, Living In Tears, Matters Of The Heart, My Choice, My Love, No Place To Hide, No Place To Lay, Perfect Murder, Player, Risky Affair, Sensational Spy, Swimming With Sharks,  The Untold, Twin Brothers, Unforgetable and more

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