I have featured in many movies so why is it that people are only looking at 'heart of men' and the new one on the internet to judge me. Maybe it's because that is what they want. If they don't like it, they will not even go and watch it to criticize me.” When 'Flex' asked her if this criticism can affect her relationship, she answered no and added that she will not allow her job to affect her relationship, because her man will understand her profession.

Martha who started her movie career during the days of Fun World and kiddafest in 1996 and later went on stage with the group called T.P.S has featured in series like Suncity, Games People Play, Where is your mobile, Yes Matron etc after which she had the opportunity to act in movies like Power of the gods, Shakira, Sin of the Soul, Heart of Men and then the upcoming one Kiss me if you can.

She can also be identified as a product of next movie star but has not featured in any Nigerian movie so far. Her wish is to hit the Oscar Grammy`s awards which she is working towards.Besides acting, she can be seen in many TV adverts. She also does voice over's, with typical examples being Cargo gin bitters, yazz etc.

As to which producer she would always love to work with, she said that all the producers she has worked with are good producers. The Sin of the Soul actress urged movie producers to be up to the task since they control what goes on in the movie industry. “I believe the Ghanaian movie industry has a bright future because there are talented people in it. The onus lies on the producers to make it work” she added.

Martha Ankomah has been garnering quite the controversy since bursting onto the movie scene.

After winning a role by movie producer supremo , Mr Lancelot Odua Imaseun, she has been labelled as a porn actress amongst many other things, following her explicit scenes in ‘Heart of Men’ and ‘Kiss Me If You Can’.

Showing a strong resilience against criticism, she states: “The only one that I listen to is God. If I say I will listen to people, I will not get to the level I want to get to.”

Although she began making waves following the discovery by Mr Imaseun, Martha’s brush with fame first came in 1996 during the days of Fun World. She went on to star in various Ghanaian television series including ‘Sun City,’ ‘Games People Play,’ and ‘Yes, Matron.’ Alongside the controversial movies already mentioned, Martha has also been featured in ‘Shakira,’ ‘Sin of the Soul,’ and ‘Power of the Gods.’

One of the few Ghanaian actresses to have made the crossover into Nollywood, she was nominated in the category of ‘Most Promising Actress’ at this year’s African Movie Academy Awards. Is she going to be a prominent face in the Ghanaian movie industry, or a face that will soon fade away?

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