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It’s hard to tell when Muna Obiekwe stepped into the scene or when he blew up, but this Enugu based actor has definitely become big. Muna is able to play both good and bad guy roles so brilliantly it’s obvious he is here to stay.

Based in Enugu, this fair co-mplexioned youngman had a fair share of the limelight while many think his take home will improve.

Scene from Humble lion

Scene from Humble lion

If you thought Jim Iyke and Rita Dominic were a great screen couple, then wait till you see Muna and Ini Edo. They have appeared in a good number of flicks together and have an undying chemistry. Their latest collabos include “Faces Of Beauty” and “Songs Of Solomon” ,with many more in the works.

Filmograpghy: He Lives in Me, Songs Of Sorrow, Enemies in Love, It's Juliet or No One, Wasted Effort and many more

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